Argentine Floggers

Recently I have started noticing the distinctive clothing and hairstyles of the young folk hanging around Abasto Mall. I now realise that I have been witness to a social phenomenon. Argentine youth society is developing a strict gang-like fragmentation, with floggers being one of the dominant groups. Originally derived from the popular activity of photoblogging, floggers are characterised by wearing neon clothing, crazy sweeping hair (usually covering both eyes) and circulation-beating tight jeans, worn by both boys and girls.

As it is clearly a stylistic definition, it’s not clear how many of these young people are actually doing any serious photo-blogging, although I’m sure they are very active on social networks like Facebook and Hi-5. Their name derives from an early interest in

These guys also have particular taste in electronic music and a style of dancing that somehow relates to the French tecktonik and the Australian shuffle and the Charleston (according to wikipedia). Are these guys unique to Argentina?

Apparently at the end of last year a 16 year old boy was beaten to death in Cordoba for looking to much like a Flogger.

Of course, this is only one group amongst many that Argentine youths are forming, I'll try to fnd out more!

This isn't my pic, it's from Google, I'll try take some when I'm next out and about with my camera.